Transcript #pblitchat 30 Oct/1 Nov

This week kicks off NaPiBoIdMo (a picture book idea every day for the month of November) so we asked (and answered) the age-old question… Where do you get your ideas?

We also talked about how you know you’ve got a good (great!) idea – and what to do if you find a book with similarities to yours.

There is also a link to an article about plagiarism – that really gets you thinking!

Topic for next week: Plagiarism and copyright. What does it mean? How does it impact on us? What precautions do you take?

KatApel: Today we’re kicking off PiBoIdMo (in Australia – but you’ll get your turn soon over the ocean😛 ) and so we’re asking…20:09

KatApel: Where do you get your ideas? Do you like to write/illustrate to a set topic – or wait for a flash of inspiration? How do you KNOW if your idea is good?20:09

KatApel: Look forward to chatting with you!20:48

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pattyjmurphy: Just finding a seat…and putting down my sweater. See you later:)10:02

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jothompsonillos: Hello everyone10:58

pattyjmurphy: hi…jo…it’s joanne, right? loved your book trailer:)10:59

jothompsonillos: Thanks Patty11:02

jothompsonillos: It took longer to make than illustrating the book!11:02

pattyjmurphy: I bet…so you did it yourself? Wow…that’s impressive.11:03

jothompsonillos: I’ve heard it’s easy in Flash and PS5 – of course I don’t have those so did it the hard way!11:04

jothompsonillos: Are you doing PiBoIDMo?11:05

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pattyjmurphy: Yes…but we haven’t started yet. It’s only Oct 31 here:)11:10

pattyjmurphy: Are you???11:10

jothompsonillos: Picture Book Ideas Month: 30 PB ideas in 30 days! to join up11:10

jothompsonillos: @Patty I’m so exhausted I can hardly think, let alone have an idea!11:11

pattyjmurphy: @jo Me too…but don’t be hard on yourself…or your ideas. Some days will be harder than others:)11:12

pattyjmurphy: @jo: even if it’s not a BIG idea…put it down…you might be happily surprised once it germinates:)11:13

jothompsonillos: @Karen Collum has been hard at work this morning NaNoWriMo and PiBoIdMo!11:13

pattyjmurphy: @jo…oh, my…I can only do one:)11:13

jothompsonillos: @Patty I do work better under pressure🙂 11:13

pattyjmurphy: @jo are you going to start on any of ideas before month’s end or wait…???11:14

jothompsonillos: @Patty You are right I should give it a go.11:16

pattyjmurphy: @jo I do work well when I have a whole lot of things going on…it mixes things up a bit:)11:17

jothompsonillos: Hi Kat…have you been busily writing this morning too?11:17

jothompsonillos: @Patty I guess if you are busy, you have more life experiences to draw from for your PB ideas : )11:20

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kangaroobee: Hello everyone11:20

pattyjmurphy: hi, @kanga:)11:20

jothompsonillos: Hi @Kanga Glad you could join us11:20

kangaroobee: I didn’t realise i was late🙂 11:21

pattyjmurphy: @kanga…we’re all early:)11:21

jothompsonillos: @Kanga not late still 7 min11:21

kangaroobee: I wish this was live and we could sit drinking tea together11:21

pattyjmurphy: So, before we start…does AUS make a big deal about Halloween???11:21

jothompsonillos: That would be lovely11:22

pattyjmurphy: @Kanga…love some tea…but would prefer a glass of wine right now:)11:22

jothompsonillos: @Patty not really – most don’t . We did : )11:22

kangaroobee: @patty lol11:23

pattyjmurphy: It’s regionally popular here and there…chicago gets into it…parties…lots of candy…scary displays:)11:23

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KatApel: Hello!! Have cake, can chat…😀 11:24

pattyjmurphy: @jo what did you do…@kanga: remember it’s 8:24 p.m. here:)11:24

kangaroobee: Hi Kat11:24

jothompsonillos: @Kangaroobee I’ve discovered Patagoniun Strawberry Champagne after my book launch. Can I pour you a glass?11:24

pattyjmurphy: Hi, kat…loved your mud play time show story:)11:24

kangaroobee: @patty oh it’s 9.24 pm here11:24

pattyjmurphy: @kanga…remind me where are you???11:25

kangaroobee: @Jo that sounds lovely, yes please!11:25

kangaroobee: @patty Canada11:25

KatApel: Thanks Patty. Two days until it repeats.🙂 11:25

kangaroobee: @Patty ooh I haven’t see that, must check it out11:25

KatApel: Hi Lynnne! I see you found us okay. Welcome!11:25

pattyjmurphy: @jo will you pour me some???11:26

happybluejess: Hi all! @Jo – Is it 30 ideas in 30 days or 30 mss. in 30 days? (Maybe I’d have a hope for the former!)11:26

KatApel: @Lynne – as you can see, there is usually some pre-chatter…🙂 11:26

pattyjmurphy: @happy it’s thirty ideas…:)11:26

happybluejess: @patty Hmmmm. I might try it…11:27

jothompsonillos: @patty of course – delish smells like strawberries – happy to share11:27

KatApel: @Patty @Happy – 30 ideas – but I can see myself writing some of those stories in the process, too… Too tempting, for sure! And writing creativity is more exciting than ideas creativity. Buzzing-like…🙂 Bzzzzz11:28

pattyjmurphy: @jo…thanks, Jo:) @happy–you have to do it:)11:28

jothompsonillos: @happy yes 30 ideas11:28

happybluejess: @patty Are the ideas, like, basic, or do they have to be fleshed-out (ie. – beginning, middle and end determined, etc)?11:29

KatApel: Okay – so time to start… And it flows nicely on from the pre-chatter about PiBoIdMo…11:29

pattyjmurphy: @30 rough ideas…and you can flesh them out as you go if you want:)11:29

jothompsonillos: Picture Book Ideas Month: 30 PB ideas in 30 days! to join up11:30

happybluejess: @patty @Kat Sold!11:30

KatApel: PiBoIdMo (http://picturebooksonly.wordpress.c… is all about PB ideas. So – where do YOU get your ideas?11:30

pattyjmurphy: @kat–of course…I can feel compelled to start writing them…that is the ultimate idea:)11:30

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pattyjmurphy: @hi jessica:)11:31

jothompsonillos: Hi Jessica has your egg hatched yet?11:31

kangaroobee: Mainly from my son whose comments are amazing, from looking at the sky and trees too, oh and reading11:31

KatApel: (And straight away I see my link is going to be a pest in the transcript. Why does it do that?!? Trying again……11:31

jessicamstanford: Hi, all:) And, no, Jo.11:31

kangaroobee: Hi @Jess11:32

jessicamstanford: I’ll consider the egg my Halloween costume.11:32

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KatApel: Yay! So we’ve got Happy sold on PiBoIdMo…🙂 11:32

pattyjmurphy: @kat: sometimes I think the better ? is where don’t I get ideas…have to keep a notebook or notecard handy at all times:)11:32

Christie: Hello, everyone!11:32

jothompsonillos: @Jessica too busy hatching ideas for PiBoIdMo?11:32

pattyjmurphy: happy that @happy is joining PIBOIdMO:)11:33

jessicamstanford: Too true:)11:33

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kangaroobee: @Patty that’s hilarious!11:33

KatApel: @kangaroo Kids (and accident-prone hubbys) are inspirational, aren’t they.11:33

pattyjmurphy: @hi meryl:)11:33

jothompsonillos: @Christie you made it Yay11:33

Meryl: Hello all… sorry a bit late11:33

pattyjmurphy: @kanga: my best ideas come to me in the shower…and right before I wake/fall asleep…it’s true:)11:33

Meryl: Hi Patty… I visited your website and sent a message but haven’t heard from you…11:34

kangaroobee: @Kat oh yes. Mine is so anti-writing too which helps with character depth😉 11:34

KatApel: @Patty – you mean places that aren’t inspirational, or where you go when you can’t find ideas?11:34

jothompsonillos: Hi Meryl R U Doing PiBoId?11:34

Christie: Is there a question we’re answering, or just brainstorming about ideas?11:34

happybluejess: @patty Thanks!11:34

pattyjmurphy: @meryl…sorry…I will check it…and get back to you. Forgive me?11:34

kangaroobee: @Patty and of course that’s the one place you don’t have a note book. I got one idea while swimming in neighbours pool11:34

Meryl: I’ve had some of my best ideas just as I fall asleep too… such a nuisance… have to wake up and write it down or I forget by morning…11:34

Christie: I got an idea from reading the back of a cereal box!11:35

KatApel: @Christie – Q is, Where do you get your ideas? That’s the topic for today… (Are you on the email list? It goes out with that. Email​ if you want to be added.)11:35

Meryl: @Patty. That’s okay. Guessing you’re busy.11:35

jothompsonillos: @ Christie getting ready for finding 30 Pb Ideas in 30 days – “where do you get your ideas from?”11:35

pattyjmurphy: @kanga…I mean that there are few places where I don’t get ideas…they happen everywhere:)11:35

Christie: @kat – I’m good. Know the general topic, but now I’ll just dive right in111:35

pattyjmurphy: @kanga…so, you need to always have a notecard, small notebook, post it, etc.11:36

Christie: I get ideas from doing research for other books.11:36

Meryl: Wish I got more ideas. I’m not prolific.11:36

KatApel: @Meryl. So true. Once I didn’t get up and write it down… and I never remembered it. I KNOW it was a goodie – because every time it was almost on the tip of my tongue, I was zinging. Now… I have no idea… Gone!11:36

Christie: Get some from reading to kids.11:36

pattyjmurphy: @christie…so do I. I have to stop for a sec and write them down.11:36

kangaroobee: @patty I still need to place notepads in more places really. I always take one in the car as a passenger11:36

Meryl: @Katapel… yes. It’s awful. You can feel the buzz.. know it was a great one. But what it was is gone.11:37

jothompsonillos: @Kat it’s probably not gone forever will come back in a different form: )11:37

pattyjmurphy: @kanga–just don’t write on napkins…I have done that…and well, they’ve been thrown out.11:37

happybluejess: Sometimes I get ideas from what editors have said they’re looking for. I treat it as an assignment, 2 C if I can do it.11:37

KatApel: @Christie. Yes! Other books are a great inspiration. NOT saying this is what you’re doing (at all!) but this was an interesting read during the week……11:37

Meryl: I carry pen and paper everywhere too and have it expecially beside the bed.11:37

kangaroobee: @Patty and worse writing on something really important and then throwing it away when you’ve typed your idea up🙂 11:38

pattyjmurphy: @happyblue…editors are wonderful resources…yes, there suggs are challenges, assignments, etc.11:38

jessicamstanford: My best ideas come when I actually hear a particular word and then brainstorm from that. Example: I heard the word kindegartener and thought “Wouldn’t it be great to have a bunch of 5 year old k students who were actually gardeners. Then, it became Tallulah Miller becomes a ‘KindeGardener’11:38

KatApel: @happy – For shorter stuff – magazine subs, etc, I love it when you’re given a theme to write to! Love topic-driven writing.11:38

Meryl: I belong to a writers group where we do contests between ourselves. If I have a subject and a time limit, I seem to be able to do it.11:38

Christie: @kat Thanks for the link. I’ll read over it later.11:38

pattyjmurphy: @kanga done that, too…:)11:39

jessicamstanford: With my ms. Mathew Hooper Is A Party Pooper, I was thinking about how my husband is such a party pooper. LOL11:39

kangaroobee: @Jess that’s funny, did you tell him?11:39

Christie: @jess That’s pretty cool! I love play on words.11:39

jothompsonillos: I often get PB ideas that grow from random sayings or odd things my children say!11:39

pattyjmurphy: The morning newspaper is always good for a few ideas, too. I have a idea file the size of a Australia:)11:40

jessicamstanford: no, I think you’re the only one of the group who has read about Tallulah11:40

jessicamstanford: @christie, me too11:40

pattyjmurphy: @jo abs…kids say the most wonderful and simple things. I love eavesdropping…11:40

KatApel: Haha.. @JessicaS. I love it! Does your hubby love it too?11:40

pattyjmurphy: @jessica + @happyjeans familar character traits are just places to start…11:41

KatApel: Today’s PiBoIdMo idea that I’m favouring (am mulling over 3) came from a typo when tweeting this morning – about PiBo of all things.🙂 Will be a play on words if it works.11:41

jessicamstanford: @Katapel Yes, he’s pretty supportive. He actually inspired my ms. The Peanut Butter Prince, too.11:41

pattyjmurphy: @kat crazier things have happened…it will be a great author story at one of your author presentations:)11:41

happybluejess: @Kat That blog post was scary! Sometimes I wonder if I saw an idea somewhere or if it’s been done, but that’s wild!11:42

KatApel: Speaking of which (play on words… and inspired by books, @Christie) Have you read11:42

Christie: Science stuff is cool too. When I hear about something cool, I say, “That would make a great PB!” Then I have to go check it out and see if it’s been done before.11:42

KatApel: Ooops. Bumped the enter button…11:42

jessicamstanford: My prince can’t stop talking about himself and the solution is peanut butter. I don’t want to give away the ending.11:42

jessicamstanford: christie, I love Science and math themed books.11:42

pattyjmurphy: @jess…make us buy the book:)11:42

jessicamstanford: nonfiction is really selling now, too’11:43

pattyjmurphy: @jess…love them and write them, too:)11:43

KatApel: Speaking of which (play on words… and inspired by books, @Christie) Have you read ‘The Nanny Goat’s Kid’? Some quirky humour in that. I liked. Hubby – didn’t. He likes childish humour.😛 11:43

Christie: I keep a list of books that have clever wordplay and lots of puns.11:43

Meryl: @jessicamstanford… a mouthful of smooth peanut butter will stop anyone talking!11:43

jessicamstanford: meryl, yes and he finds a love interest, too. Ofcourse, he is ‘nut’s’ about his new bride.11:43

Christie: Just discovered Porcupining (2002)11:43

Christie: stepping away for a sec to console daughter11:44

Meryl: @Christie… Porcupining??????11:44

KatApel: @JessS (hope you don’t mind me shortening – but we have 2 Jessica’s today.) My hubby’s ‘Nine Lives’ (his name is Felix) is what got me into writing. His favourite stories are still the ones he inspires.11:44

pattyjmurphy: @kat that’s a man for you:)11:44

jessicamstanford: Kat, not at all:) Popular name. I work with 3 others.11:45

pattyjmurphy: @kat that’s nice that he likes to be involved:)11:45

LynneMarie: I think she means the book by Lisa Wheeler (Porcupining 2002)11:45

KatApel: @Happy. I thought for a moment you were talking about my latest blog post. (And it IS scary!!!) But you’re talking Plagarism… Yes. V. Scary. Think it’s good to be aware.11:45

Meryl: @LynneMarie… thank you.11:46

LynneMarie: @Meryl — You’re welcome. She actually did a SUPER excellent Guest Blog Post at my blog on Brainstorming Ideas:…11:47

LynneMarie: Lisa Wheeler, that is…11:47

KatApel: @Patty – I didn’t finish what I was going to say… (distracted reading the chatter) but yes, is nice. I think it’s the inclusivity that he’s enjoying most. I give him a ribbing in some (err… most) stories – but he likes it.11:47

jessicamstanford: Yes, it’s true. Ideas can not be copyrighted. But so far, I’ve never had a problem.11:47

Meryl: @LynneMarie. Thank you. I’ll look it up.11:47

happybluejess: @Kat Yes, sorry! The plagiarism post.11:48

Christie: I’m back.11:48

pattyjmurphy: @meryl…can you reemail? I’ve been having some trouble with my internet provider.11:48

Christie: @meryl Yes, porcupining is the name of the PB.11:49

KatApel: Funny. For NaPiBoWriWee (May) I wrote a book that was inspired by a quote from my son. I do so looooove that MS… but then saw one very similar already pubbed. Which I’d already read ages ago, but not really liked.11:49

Meryl: @pattyjmurphy… will do.11:49

pattyjmurphy: @meryl…thanks:)11:49

Meryl: @Christie.. Thank you…11:49

happybluejess: Just signed up for PiBoIdMo!11:49

Christie: @lynn yes – lisa wheeler11:50

kangaroobee: nice one @happy11:50

jessicamstanford: @hbjess, me too.11:50

KatApel: Of course mine is different – and is not a right-off… but I was amazed at the similarity. I’d say they were both inspired by kids’ quotes – and a few kids must have this same way of thinking/expressing at that age.11:50

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Chloe_Kitten: Hi Everyone. Sorry I’m late.🙂 11:50

happybluejess: @Kat Just happened to me yesterday. Went to research my idea and found a retro Golden Book had done something similar.11:50

jothompsonillos: Hi @Chloe Where do you get your PB ideas from?11:51

kangaroobee: @Kat but if you didn’t like the other one then you can play on your plus points11:51

Chloe_Kitten: Hi @Jo. Great question.11:51

pattyjmurphy: @happy…and @kat…but if your executions are different, then you are okay:)11:51

KatApel: (The thing that I didn’t like in the original book is that no matter how much the little one loved, the big one always seemingly belittled by loving MORE. Which I thought was sad for the little one. That’s NOT in mine!)11:51

Christie: @patty What if the executions are same, but angle/slant is different?11:51

happybluejess: @Jesss Yay! Let the ideas flowQ11:52

kangaroobee: @Kat good luck with yours11:52

happybluejess: That was “flow”!11:52

KatApel: @patty @kanga Thankyou. That’s reassuring. That’s what I’m hoping.🙂 11:52

pattyjmurphy: @christie…the executions would never be the same…11:52

Chloe_Kitten: My picture book ideas normally come from everyday life. Hearing a snippet of conversation, stories my friends and family tell each other, something I might encounter in my daily life, so something silly my Husband and I might make up.11:52

KatApel: Hi Amblyopia – you’re in! Hit ‘Join Chat’ at the bottom to enter the conversation.🙂 11:53

happybluejess: @Kat Is it GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU?f11:53

amblyopia joined the chat11:53

Christie: @patty based on a song – if you’re happy and you know it11:53

happybluejess: Okay, I keep hitting random keys! Sorry!11:53

amblyopia: Hi! that was far more difficult for my fragile little brain than I expected…11:53

jothompsonillos: Hi @amblyopia glad you found us.11:53

pattyjmurphy: @christie…you would really have to change it…or say inspired by, etc.11:53

KatApel: It is, Happy. I always get so annoyed with that big rabbit. Want to bop him on the head every time!!11:53

pattyjmurphy: @kat…why???11:54

Meryl: @happybluejess… that might be a way for an idea… hit some random keys!!!11:54

jessicamstanford: @all, I also get ideas from what is passing at the moment. Once, I was talking to a student about their messy desk. Then, Bam! Desk Fairy Story was outlined in my mind. The fairy keeps stealing the kids h.w and they set out to catch the fairy and prove it to their cranky teacher.

happybluejess: @Kat I actually love that book, but I do want the Little Nut Brown Hare to be able to “win” or at least match the dad’s love.11:54

jessicamstanford: Love the story Guess How Much I Love You11:54

happybluejess: @Meryl I like the way you think!11:55

LynneMarie: @Jessica — I do love that one, too, and especially the art, I think11:55

Christie: @jessicamstanford you have a TON of great ideas!!! Do you really need 30 more?11:55

jessicamstanford: the ideas, I have. Now I just need to learn how to write well. LOL11:55

LynneMarie: @everyone, I think Bruce Hale or Coville said that in every 20 ideas there is only one saleable one…11:55

jothompsonillos: @amblypobia where do you get your ideas from? What is your creative jolt?11:56

amblyopia: @jessica that’s the one with the rabbits, right?11:56

Christie: @lynn One in 20?! That’s kind of sad…11:56

kangaroobee: @Jess I’m the same, i could do PiBoldMo every month, just not the writing.11:56

LynneMarie: @Amblyopia, yes, the one by Sam McBratney, I think11:56

jessicamstanford: @amblyopia, yes11:56

Christie: @kanga @jess The writing CAN be hard, especially when we try to make it match the vision we have.11:57

LynneMarie: @Christie. I just look at it as challenging🙂 Are you my YBR Christie?11:57

pattyjmurphy: @lynne…but Bruce has neve seen any of our ideas:)11:57

amblyopia: @jo good question… I don’t really know, to be honest. some mornings I wake up, and they’re just there…11:57

kangaroobee: @Lynne I decided a while back to choose one idea from three to do first draft of, but even then that’s too many I guess11:57

KatApel: I say, ‘every time) but in truth, I’ve only read it twice. Once years ago. The second time was after writing mine. Was surprised by similarities. But mine has little one content with expression of love.11:57

pattyjmurphy: @lynne…never seen our ideas…etc.11:57

KatApel: @Jess @Happy I love the concept – but I can’t help but feel that the big rabbit doesn’t in truth love him enough – if he always wants to belittle and frustrate him. Maybe I think too much… :\11:58

jothompsonillos: I think we need to stockpile experiences so we can draw on them and develop ideas when we need them.11:59

LynneMarie: I don’t think it’s a negative thing…I look at it as brew. And this is part of the process. So you come up with these 20 ideas, and you consider them all, and then you work on the one that’s the best, the one that floats to the top.11:59

Christie: @patty If you’re a Monster and You know it by Rebecca and Ed Emberly!!! That was my title, too. So I changed mine to “If You’re a Wild One and You Know It” because it’s based on wild animals that have monster features. Includes back matter, too.11:59

pattyjmurphy: @Kat what do you think about Olivia’s mother when she says: “I love you anyway…” I don’t like that.11:59

kangaroobee: @Lynne I wish we could swap at the end and choose someone else’s one to work on. I can’t make my own decisions11:59

LynneMarie: Then, next, you find the next best and season that…and meanwhile, you can add another idea…but you can’t develop them all, and you can’t choose them all. Only the best, the ones that float to the top for all the right reasons.11:59

pattyjmurphy: @christie…I like the tie in with non-fiction…your editor will tell you if he/she thinks it’s too close, etc.12:00

LynneMarie: @Kangarobee…I know what you mean. LOL12:00

jothompsonillos: @amblyopia are you doing PiBoId 30 ides in 30 days?12:00

amblyopia: @jo I was recently having a look at my stories, and they are all shockingly similar, thematically… so I guess I draw on personal experience, and figure out what I would like to have read as a kid…12:00

KatApel: @Lynne. I’m hoping to only write down the saleable ones each day – and reject 19 bad ones.😉 Wishful thinking, I know… Though too, I think the execution is what makes them saleable.12:00

Christie: @lynn Are you sure we can’t develop them all?! We could still try, though, right?12:01

jessicamstanford: @Kat, My fav parent/child love story is Love You Forever. It’s totally crazy, but right now I can totally see myself driving across town to pick up my adult children to rock them to sleep. Plus, kids like it because it’s insane.12:01

graceful doe joined the chat12:01

amblyopia: @jo ummm… the joys of being ignorant… I don’t really know what that is…12:01

KatApel: @Patty – I have read some Olivia books, but that quote isn’t standing out for me. I will have to look it up to let you know… (Sorry.)12:01

kangaroobee: @JessS that is a nice one, I only read it the other day12:01

graceful doe: Hi everyone (shh pretend I’m really writing right now)12:01

pattyjmurphy: @jessica…I’ve seen him sing his book LIVE…I cried…12:02

Christie: @jessms My fav love you story is I Love You the Purplest by Barbara M. Joose12:02

LynneMarie: @Christie…I’m not saying it’s not possible. But I think you should go in knowing there are some ideas you will have to let go of. That will free you up to work on the right ideas, IMHO.12:02

jothompsonillos: @amblyopia Picture Book Ideas Month: 30 PB ideas in 30 days! to join up starts today12:02

jessicamstanford: @Christie, love that one too.12:02

kangaroobee: @gracefuldoe Hi there, good luck!12:02

pattyjmurphy: @kat: The mom says that at the end of the first Olivia…when i read it aloud to little people…I leave out ANYWAY:)12:03

happybluejess: @Kat My kids and I use that format to say “I love you” – we get crazier and crazier until we all say “to infinity… and back.”12:03

jothompsonillos: @amblyopia that’s the light bulb on twitter avatars – writers doing PIBoIdMo : )12:04

Christie: Last September, I had an idea explosion! Like 50 or so. or more. One portion was nothing but nonsense, but it led into another that made more sense and wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t run with the bad ones too and at least write them down.12:04

kangaroobee: I once drove up an off ramp accidentally at 3am in NZ there must be a funny story I could write with that!12:04

KatApel: @Lynne that is great advice! “I’m not saying it’s not possible. But I think you should go in knowing there are some ideas you will have to let go of. That will free you up to work on the right ideas, IMHO”12:04

kangaroobee: @happy awh that’s sweet12:04

KatApel: I love the idea of the hugeness of love (Guess How Much I Love You) but it is the fact that the little rabbit can’t love him enough that12:04

amblyopia: @jo hmmm… intriguing… I’ll have to have a better look at it before I commit myself though…12:04

KatApel: Ooops… that enter key again…12:05

Christie: @kanga I get ideas for adult stuff all the time, too. But don’t bother writing them down, b/c it’s too intimidating to think about writing for adults.12:05

LynneMarie: @KatApel: LOL You’re funny. But I don’t totally agree with you about the execution. I think you can be an excellent writer and still there are other factors that don’t make an idea saleable, even if it’s wonderfully executed.12:05

jessicamstanford: @Christie, I also LOVE How Do I Love You? ….How do I love you? let me count the ways.I Love you as the sun loves the bright blue days…..I love you as the bird loves the song of spring. I love you as the waking bear loves the smell of spring.12:05

KatApel: I love the idea of the hugeness of love (Guess How Much I Love You) but it is the fact that the little rabbit can’t love him enough that ‘gets’ to me. He WANTS to love him enough!! Poor Little Rabbit. How is he EVER going to sleep after that.🙂 12:05

jessicamstanford: sorry…song to sing ( not spring)12:06

kangaroobee: @christie, I meant trying to turn it into a pb, kids in the car or something12:06

happybluejess: @Jesss Great article this week about Robert Munsch fans embracing him after he admitted to substance abuse problems.12:06

kangaroobee: @christie I’d have to change the time of course12:06

LynneMarie: For example I just got a rejection from my publisher saying they loved a story, but it’s too much like my current book in theme and to publish it would cannibalize the sales on my current book.12:06

Christie: @kanga Oh, yeah, that too.12:06

LynneMarie: Oh, that was @KatAppel12:06

jothompsonillos: @amblyopia don’t have to write the whole book, just come up with one idea a day during November whilst you are growing your handelbar moustache for Mo-vember :}P12:06

happybluejess: @Kat I totally get that. I like JUST LIKE YOU, too. That’s a great one with a solid “stick-it” dismount.12:07

Christie: @lynne good to know.12:07

kangaroobee: @Lynne oh that’s a shame12:07

jessicamstanford: @hpJess, where? I’d love to read it.12:07

DDHearn joined the chat12:07

pattyjmurphy: HI, DD:)12:07

Christie: Hi, DD!12:08

LynneMarie: @Kangaroobee. It happens. But at least they said they loved it LOL12:08

kangaroobee: Hi DD12:08

DDHearn: Hi all. Are we talking about PiBoIdMo? I joined, but I’m a little nervous as I’m not normally an idea machine. Wish I was.12:08

kangaroobee: @Lynne yes that’s nice12:08

Christie: @lynne You can save it for the future, right?12:08

amblyopia: @jo …no moo-stash for me… only for my smiley emoticon… sounds like a great idea. To what extent to you develop your ideas though? And could i use the ideas that I come up with to write stories for my blog?12:08

Meryl: I’ve not joined… perhaps it would help me with some ideas…12:08

jessicamstanford: @DD -quality over quantity. You can do it!12:09

Christie: @amb Stories for your blog?12:09

KatApel: @Lynne. You’re right. Some of my early rhyming stories have perfect rhythm and rhyme – but no point. Not saleable. BUT a great idea needs execution to be saleable. Not many pubs take on one without other.12:09

DDHearn: Marketing is another reason why good stories don’t always sell. They can be lovely and well written, but just not marketable.12:09

pattyjmurphy: @DD nothing to work about…its supposed to be freeing…not confining or worrying.12:09

DDHearn: @jessicamstanford I thought it was more quantity over quality. I mean, for me, 30 ideas is a LOT!12:09

pattyjmurphy: nothing to worry about…sorry DD..12:09

LynneMarie: @Christie — I can submit to another publisher, since they passed on it. @Everyone — there are a lot of considerations about what makes a book publishable and it isn’t just good writing. That’s why ideas to pursue should be given some thought.12:09

kangaroobee: @Kat wise words. I’ve just shortened Lion on the Run into a poem for that reason12:10

Christie: @dd I don’t get why some books are ever even published!12:10

LynneMarie: @Christie, by they, I mean Scholastic, my publisher. I can submit to another publishing house.12:10

jessicamstanford: @ meryl, PiBiIdMo has some pretty great prizes.12:10

DDHearn: @pattyjmurphy Well, I joined because I need some kind of jump start. I figure the worst that will happen is I can’t sign the pledge in December.12:10

jothompsonillos: @DD we were wondering where you get your ideas? Do you wake up with them ? What prompt you to think… that’s a great idea for a story?12:10

Christie: @kanga I bet it’s a great poem, now, too! All you have to do is find the right mag.12:10

kangaroobee: @christie oh agree! but we aren’t usually allowed to say that ssh!12:10

amblyopia: @christie I have a creative writing blog. I try and write on there as much as I can, but ideas tend to escape me sometimes… I’m pretty tough on myself re: the quality of the stories that I put on there…12:11

Christie: @lynne did you use an agent to get in with Scholastic?12:11

jessicamstanford: @DD, it’s true. I was trying to be encouraging, though. Did it work?12:11

KatApel: @DD Don’t worry. YOu’re not the only nervous one. I’m amazed at these people doing both PiBoIdMo AND NaNoWriMo. I truly think there will be enough challenge for me in getting 30 good ideas!!12:11

DDHearn: @Christie This is a very subjective field. There is no story that EVERYONE is going to like.12:11

kangaroobee: @christie exactly could always turn it back one day if I keep the rights12:11

pattyjmurphy: I work with Scholastic, Inc., too….love them:)12:11

Christie: @dd true…12:11

pattyjmurphy: @kat…you will have them…put that out into the universe…and believe that:)12:12

Christie: @kanga Just make sure you keep a hard copy of the longer version…12:12

KatApel: @kanga. Yes. Not wasted – just not a PB. A poem instead.🙂 12:12

jothompsonillos: @amblyopia I love your blog. Really enjoy your stories. Please post the link so we can have a look.12:12

@_boobook_ joined the chat12:12

amblyopia: @Kat I started NaNoWriMo last year… got 15000 words down, and then lost steam… I was going to do it again this year, but I think I want to concentrate more on kids books…12:12

DDHearn: I’ve gotten ideas several different ways. My book, Dad’s Dinosaur Day started with a doodle I did when I was bored. Bad Luck Boswell started with the title and the question “what if a black cat really did bring bad luck”. Another story was based on my neighbor’s habit of feeding every wild animal in her yard…12:13

kangaroobee: @christie @kat yes I hate wasting stories. I’ve transformed some completely but will not let go forever, my babies12:13

Christie: @amb I’m too paranoid to put my “real” writing out there on my blog. Isn’t that considered “publishing” and then no real publisher would accept it? Plus someone else could steal it.12:13

DDHearn: I”ve sometimes dreamed stories, but when I awaken if I can remember them at all they are ridiculous. Too bad. I’d love to get stories from dreams.12:14

KatApel: @amblyopia – I would be impressed with your 15000 words. If I have do NaNo it will be Kat-style. 5,000 words. Maybe 10,000. But 50,000?? I know my limitiations!12:14

kangaroobee: The poem is 28 lines, is that okay for a poem? Sorry for going off subject12:14

jessicamstanford: @Kanga, never let go. You may use them later. @Christie, yes, it is.12:14

@_boobook_: Hi all, arriving late, so will lurk in background for a while.🙂 12:14

pattyjmurphy: @christie: abs, you can’t be too careful.12:14

happybluejess: @Jesss Sorry – I tried to look up that book, but didn’t find. I’ll try again later. It’s upstairs in my boy’s room. About a mother mouse…12:14

LynneMarie: @Christie. No — fell in through the cracks with a good idea LOL. That’s why we should write down all our ideas. In my case, this idea was not even my most favorite of ideas (by that, I mean the one that I was MOST IN LOVE WITH), but I knew it12:14

Christie: @patty What does abs mean?12:14

kangaroobee: @DD Bad Luck Boswell sounds like fun12:14

pattyjmurphy: Absolutely…sorry12:14

happybluejess: And a baby mouse who see all the other animal babies being put to sleep, and the baby thinks they’re all “so special” because their12:15

KatApel: Hi @boobook. Lovely to have you back.🙂 12:15

amblyopia: @jo *blushes* awww, shucks… O.k.🙂 here it is…

LynneMarie: @Christie — was cute, and that it was perfect for them! @Patty. I LOVE them too🙂 12:15

jothompsonillos: Hi @boobook topic today is where do your ideas come from? something someone says, experiences or dreams?12:15

@_boobook_: Thanks @KatApel. I’ve been having pblitchat withdrawal symptoms. Mondays are just feral at the moment but will be better in a few weeks.12:15

KatApel: @DD I am often inspired by titles – or character names. Find a fun combination, then think of a character to go with… and situation…12:15

happybluejess: Moms all do such nice things for them, then his mom points out the little things she does and the refrain is “just like you.”12:15

DDHearn: @jessicamstanford I admit I got a little nervous when you mentioned quality. I’ll be happy just to come up with ideas, bad or good. They can be pretty simple, too, right? They don’t have to be all figured out? Like…just a title even?12:15

jessicamstanford: @Kat, that reminds me of Who Will Tuck Me In Tonight? Sheep can not go to bed w/o mama and all the other farm animals try to put him to bed. It’s adorable.12:16

Christie: I tend to think of titles first and be like, “Man! That would make a great book!”12:16

kangaroobee: @JessS that sounds lovely12:16

jessicamstanford: @DD, yes. I don’t even think anyone sees them but you. Unless, of course, you win. Then you show them to pubs and agents.12:16

happybluejess: @ Christie I definitely think of titles first a lot.12:17

kangaroobee: @Christie yes, ideas branch out from there like a business flow chart12:17

jessicamstanford: @DD, you sign an oath saying you did the 30 ideas12:17

Christie: @jessm So many great giveaways! Are the random?12:17

Christie: THEY12:17

KatApel: @DD That is a good question. (Guess we should be asking it of Tara.😛 ) How structured/developed do these ideas have to be – for PiBoIdMo. I’m assuming it’s more than an idea and bordering on an outline?? (Which may change.)12:17

DDHearn: Yes, Bad Luck Boswell was fun to write…but the book had as much bad luck as the cat in the story.12:17

amblyopia: @christie The good thing about my blog, for me, is that the stories i post there aren’t really for further use… They are just little bits of nonsense that make me happy, and that I can share with other people. If other people want to use those ideas, that’s fine with me… they’ll always know where the ideas originally came from…12:17

pattyjmurphy: @christie–yes, the prize is randomly picked.12:18

jessicamstanford: @Christie, not sure. I just pray that I win.12:18

jothompsonillos: As an illustrator I have to come up with ideas that add and enhance your stories, subplots and underlying themes!12:18

pattyjmurphy: @kat: I believe they can be a list of 30 ideas…however, fleshed you want them, etc.12:18

kangaroobee: @Patty i was wondering about that, if you don’t submit them how can you win a prize?12:18

jessicamstanford: @ christie, did you see that you won my contest btw?12:18

Christie: @amb So it’s more of brainstorming a bit and creative writing exercises. Cool.12:18

KatApel: Okay… So how do you KNOW if your idea is good?12:18

jessicamstanford: You won The Hallo-weiner. I announced early.12:19

pattyjmurphy: @kanga…you have to sign up to submit.12:19

kangaroobee: @Christie congrats!12:19

Christie: @Jo Oh, to get inside an illustrator’s head!!!12:19

kangaroobee: @patty I have signed up12:19

DDHearn: The sheep book reminds me of a book I illustrated in the 70s called Mother, Mother, I want Another. Baby mouse won’t go to sleep and wants another kiss, but mom thinks he wants another mother. It was a cute story.12:19

pattyjmurphy: @jo…and everyone…also, I think the move developed each idea is, the easier it will be to get back to them to create stories. IMHO.12:19

Christie: @jessm No, not yet. Cool! I love winning contests. Thanks!12:20

amblyopia: @christie Yeah, I guess so… and the joy of seeing my writing out there for the world to partake in. And to make Kat queasy…12:20

KatApel: Thanks @Patty. So the idea doesn’t have to be cohesive at this stage? May even be a one-liner???12:20

@_boobook_: @KatApel I mostly know if it’s a good idea because I can’t stop thinking about it.12:20

pattyjmurphy: @kat we should all prob check the web site to make sure, but that’s what I did last year…just a list.12:20

kangaroobee: @boobook agree12:20

jessicamstanford: @ christie, the odds were in your favor. LOL12:20

Christie: @kat I think it’s good if it gives you chills, and you want to work on it right then, AND it’s unique, original, hasn’t been done, AND it can be used in multiple ways…12:20

@_boobook_: @KatApel or when I try to madly scratch out the story in between all the other jobs of the day even though I don’t really have time.🙂 12:21

happybluejess: What @Christie said!12:21

amblyopia: @kat If YOU think it’s good, then it’s good for you… you know what I mean?12:21

kangaroobee: @boobook yes isn’t it funny how on a bad writing day you can get mad at the time you spend writing when you should be doing other things (or is that just me)12:21

KatApel: So @_boobook_ knows here good ideas? How do you know? If your idea is good?12:21

jothompsonillos: @patty your right – jot down the triggers that will remind you what you were thinking and where the story may go from the initial idea, so you can pick it up again (over the Xmas hols)12:22

pattyjmurphy: @kat: I also think that you really have to make it work for you…if your idea presents itself with a B,M,E…and it writes itself…well, you should go with it:)12:22

DDHearn: @KatApel I don’t think you should worry about whether or not your idea is good. If it’s something you really want to work on, just do it. It may not be publishable, but at least you wrote something.12:23

pattyjmurphy: @Jo…thanks…I think it’s fun to allow them to germinate like seeds in a paper cup. Who knows how they will grow:)12:23

happybluejess: I do not know if my ideas are good. But if I have what @Christie said, it makes me feel encouraged enough to then show someone else!12:23

KatApel: @Patty. Oh wow. Well that makes today’s easier. Have such a silly/funny idea that is just starting… but I don’t know what I want to do with it – where I want it to go. No idea… yet.😛 12:23

kangaroobee: I got a great idea ‘two dirty faces and one bare bottom’ can you guess where from?12:23

Christie: I have this one great idea, but can’t seem to figure out the plot. It’s frustrating. Wish I had a brainstorming buddy. Anyone game?12:23

LynneMarie: Well, goodnight everyone! Good luck with your ideas! I’m sure you’ve all already got a lot brewing! Nice meeting you all!12:23

kangaroobee: Goodnight @Lynne12:24

happybluejess: @Christie Always willing to try!12:24

jessicamstanford: @all Sometimes, just ok ideas turn into something great once you start writing, though. I think that’s the whole idea.12:24

pattyjmurphy: @Christie…write the story down…and don’t stress:)12:24

kangaroobee: @christie I think that’s a great idea for half way through12:24

jothompsonillos: Thanks for joining us @Lynne come back next week: )12:24

Christie: If you can envision your book on a library shelf, and you would get excited about checking it out, and you can recommend it to a teacher, then it’s a good idea.12:24

DDHearn: I have absolutely NO ideas right now! I have some old ones that need working on…but they don’t count. I need new ones.12:24

@_boobook_: @jessica I agree!12:24

KatApel: I think Christie has summed it up nicely. Chills. Unique. Multiple Layers.12:24

Meryl: Yes, sometimes all it needs is to get started. One sentence leads to another…12:25

pattyjmurphy: @DD if you put a new twist on them…then they’re new ideas:) Don’t be sooo hard on yourself.12:25

KatApel: @DD Go sit in a library. I’m sure you’ll get heaps of new ideas!!! And what fun it will be in the process.🙂 12:25

amblyopia: @kat and chocolate… all good ides involve chocolate…12:25

Christie: @happybluejess Did I contact you about doing an interview? I’d like to.12:25

pattyjmurphy: @kat and @christie…love that: Chills, Unique, Multiple layers.12:25

@_boobook_: @DDHearn Maybe you could close your eyes and jab a finger at a random spot on a newspaper page. And then brainstorm the word you’re pointing at.🙂 12:25

happybluejess: @Christie Eeeps. Not sure, but would love to.12:26

jessicamstanford: @All, I’ve had some stinkers turn into something pretty good-IMO. I consider the stinkers to be a challenge. And I love a challenge.12:26

DDHearn: @@_boobook That might work. I once had an illustration assignment to draw a picture inspired by a newspaper article. It’s easy when I have words to inspire me. Getting my own words is the trick.12:26

KatApel: @amyblyopia (What is that, btw? Is that a medical term??) I have put a chocolate bann on all people I am following. Can only tweet celery. (See the word and want the real thing. It shows…)12:26

kangaroobee: @jessS I’ve had the opposite12:26

Christie: @happyblue my e-mail is Let’12:27

Christie: Let’s brainstorm together.12:27

jessicamstanford: @DD, volunteer in a school. I get tons of ideas there. Or volunteer at a story time. or if you’re local, I’ll let you borrow my kids for the day. They’re great inspiration.12:27

KatApel: Eeek! Just looked at the clock and you’re all about to shoot through on me…12:27

@_boobook_: @kat celery hee!12:27

jothompsonillos: It’s important to remember that only you can write a story your way. Someone else may have a similar story idea (apparently we just keep rehashing the same ideas) but you have to find the thing that only you can add.12:27

graceful doe: @Kat I can’t write without chocolate12:27

happybluejess: Heard NPR interview with producer, Brian Eno, today. He talked about improvising and ways to cultivate musical creativity. So relevant.12:27

Christie: Brainstorming session – things you love – things you hate – books you love – topics of interest – etc. That’s gonna be me tomorrow.12:28

kangaroobee: @gracefuldoe I can’t write well without chocolate🙂 12:28

DDHearn: @jothompsonillos That’s a really important point. There is nothing truly original out there…except in the way it is told in a new way.12:28

happybluejess: @Christie Sounds great.12:28

KatApel: Before you do… Tomorrow I am posting Part Four of my ‘Performing for Children’ blog series – with guest tips. It’s packed with good stuff! (And a scary story today!!)12:28

amblyopia: @kat … amblyopia means lazy eye. great word, methinks…12:28

jessicamstanford: @All, It’s true! There isn’t a thing under the sun that someone hasn’t thought of or done. It’s up to us to write it better or differently.12:28

@_boobook_: Be kind to @kat. I think what you all mean is ‘I can’t write without celery.’12:28

Christie: Jessm – I’d love to hear your ideas – I can tell you the ones that excite me!12:28

kangaroobee: @boo book oops yes sorry12:29

graceful doe: @boobook sure that’s what I meant😉 12:29

KatApel: AND… If you’re in Australia – or have access to ABC television… on Wednesday arv, both on ABC1 and ABC2 they are running PlaySchool repeats of the show where they read, ‘This is the Mud!’.😀 12:29

Christie: But of course we all have our niches. Like I’m not so much into pre-k stuff. I like ages 4-8, and books that don’t have animal characters. Although some I read ARE wonderful! I just don’t write them.12:29

DDHearn: I better go. It’s almost the witching hour! (Cackles as she hops on her broomstick). I’m outta here.12:30

KatApel: Thankyou @_boobook_ . I agree. “Be kind to @kat. I think what you all mean is ‘I can’t write without celery.’ “12:30

Christie: Bye, DD!12:30

pattyjmurphy: @katapel…can you get a link to it…and post it on your website? Would LOVE To see it.12:30

graceful doe: @Kat, ooh I’ll have to remember that, my son loved it last time it was on12:30

kangaroobee: @DD have a nice flight😉 12:30

@_boobook_: Bye @DD.12:30

happybluejess: @DD Bye!12:30

pattyjmurphy: @kanga where are you going?12:30

jessicamstanford: @Christie, have you joined the onamonapeia(sp?) group? I actually stories there and on writeoncon.12:30

KatApel: @Patty – would LOVE you to see it.🙂 I’m hoping that since it’s a repeat they may have an online link this time. And if they do, I will tweet and post it.🙂 12:30

Christie: I tend to write through the whole morning, and don’t even think about food. What it’s lunch? I have to STOP!???? NOOOOO!!!12:31

jessicamstanford: sorry…have stories12:31

kangaroobee: @patty nowhere I was referring to witch🙂 12:31

Christie: @jessm Yeah, both…12:31

Meryl: bye all… and yes… I can’t write without celery either, but I’ve never heard it called that..:D12:31

pattyjmurphy: @kat let me know…@kanga…funnY:)12:31

pattyjmurphy: @kat I can’t live without celery. LOL.12:31

KatApel: (@ambl… ‘This is the Mud!’ is my story that won the CYA comp – just to inspire you.😀 )12:32

graceful doe: Ok, time for me to get back to writing, or I’ll never reach my word goal for today.12:32

pattyjmurphy: @kat what does CYA mean???12:32

KatApel: Happy writing all. I trust you’re INSPIRED!🙂 12:32

kangaroobee: Thank goodness i don’t have a word goal, enjoy the celery everyone bye12:32

jessicamstanford: @patty, did you write the Wonderpets?LOL. Those pets are obsessed with celery! It’s one of the things that I love about them.12:32

amblyopia: @kat awesome! I’ll make sure to watch…12:32

Christie: @kanga No word goal here, either.12:32

Meryl: @katapel.. I’ll try and catch the “Mud’ on te ABc.12:32

pattyjmurphy: @jessica…what’s wonderpets?12:33

jessicamstanford: @Patty, it’s a cartoon based on a book…I think. Super cute.12:33

jessicamstanford: my kids love the wonderpets12:33

KatApel: @patt. CYA is the Children’s and Young Adult competition (CYA Later Alligator) and conference run in September in Aus. Is awesome! ‘This is the Mud!’ won the inaugural comp. Went on to publication from there. My big break.12:34

happybluejess: Wonderpets, wonderpets, we’re on our way…12:34

jessicamstanford: They’re class pets by day and super heroes after school hours.12:34

Christie: Well, guys, I guess time is up. I’m gonna go write my blog post for tomorrow. On how to check your ideas to see if they’ve been done before.12:34

KatApel: @Patty – Now being read on Australia’s National Children’s Television Network. Who’d have thought…? (Not me!!😀 )12:34

pattyjmurphy: @katapel sooo great! Who is your publisher?12:34

Christie: Any of ya’ll live in NC?12:34

Meryl: @Christie what is your blog addy?12:35

happybluejess: @Christie I need that blog. I always write first, check later…12:35

KatApel: Guess I’d better get that transcript up.🙂 12:35

pattyjmurphy: @kat how did it get to AUSSIE kids’ TV?12:35

jessicamstanford: to help a baby rhino and save the day…we’re not too big and we’re not to tough, but when we work together we’ve got the right stuff. Go wonderpets….Yay!12:35

Christie: http://www.christiewrightwild.blogs…12:35

Christie: Today’s last day to enter October PB contest! But you can still enter for November!12:35

amblyopia: @kat and @jo how seriously is CYA taken by childrens publishing industry?12:35

@_boobook_: @patty You know @kat is an aussie, right?12:36

KatApel: @Patty Lothian Children’s Books, which is a division of Hachette Livre. And ABC television contacted me about the reading. I did nothing – except squeal!!12:36

happybluejess: @jesss We were snowed in in Minneapolis airport and staying in a hotel (4yo girl with an ear infection) on X-mas eve when we found Wonderpets.12:36

jothompsonillos: @ patty I won the CYA illustration comp ’09 My book The Glasshouse launched on Saturday😀 12:36

happybluejess: They saved our day, that’s for sure!12:36

jessicamstanford: @Christie, do the winners get posted? I’m anti posting.12:36

Christie: Oh, I’m also interviewing Tara Lazar on Saturday! Check out my blog. New monthly feature!12:36

KatApel: @amb Very! Most children’s pubs in Australia now ask to see the shortlist.12:37

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  2. I really enjoyed reading your transcript on where you all get your PB idea’s from. I’m very excited to have signed up for Piboldmo. What a fabulous way of getting those idea’s down and compiling a file for future reference.

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