Transcript #pblitchat 5/6 Sept

There are links galore in today’s transcript! We shared our own blogs/websites, industry/agent blogs and all sorts of other cool links. This is one transcript that I’m (@KarenCollum) going to come back to again and again. Enjoy!

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KarenCollum: Hi everyone. Looking forward to our chat today. See you soon!

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KatApel: Hi all! Not long to go now… While you’re waiting, here’s a short link you might enjoy. http://picturebooksonly.wordpress.c…

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Ishta: Hi, everyone!

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MichelleDEvans: well hello… looks like my kids are having another day off school…

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Ishta: @Michelle, what do you mean? Are they sick?

KarenCollum: Hi everyone!

Nikiofware: Hey there! What’s the subject today?

KarenCollum: I’m here…but am still getting lunch organised for the kids.

MichelleDEvans: @Ishta No all well , had a big week… just me having some time out

KarenCollum: @Niki We’re sharing online links and resources – blogs, posts, writers/agents you follow etc

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Nikiofware: Alrighty. Hey there Ista! Fancy meeting you here!

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Ishta: Hi Niki!

KarenCollum: Hi @Jo! I had the lovely privilege of meeting Jo for the first time AND being at her book launch🙂 Huge congrats, Jo!

Cherylm: hello everyone

jothompsonillos: I made it. Exciting news everyone. @KarenCollum won the CYA writing comp

Nikiofware: Awesome! Congrats Jo!

Ishta: @Michelle, do you homeschool? If so, HOW DO YOU DO IT? I tried and failed when my second was born.

KarenCollum: Hi @Michelle, @ Cherylm @Ishta

MichelleDEvans: @Kat @Karen – so cool you guys met🙂

KarenCollum: Thanks, @Jo. I still think it’s sinking in…(although is possibly overshadowed by how tired I am! LOL)

Ishta: @Karen, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

KatApel: So much excting news after this weekend. We (@Kat @Karen and @Jo) all met for the first time at the CYA (Childrens’ and Young Adults) conference in B’bane where…

MichelleDEvans: @Ishta I’ve been homeschooling 3 years … not doing it very well right now… I’m sure we’ll find our groove again

KarenCollum: Thanks, @Ishta. It’s very exciting🙂


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KatApel: Yes, @Karen won the primary picture book category, and @Jo launched her exquisitely illustrated 1stPB THE GLASSHOUSE.

Nikiofware: Today is my anniversary and hubby & I haven’t had much time together so I won’t be able to hang around long.

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KarenCollum: Happy anniversary @Niki!!

MichelleDEvans: @Niki happy anniversary – go celebrate🙂

KatApel: And Jo wrote beautiful message in it for me which I didn’t read until we were coming home, thankyou! xx

kangaroobee: Hi Everyone, Happy Anniversay Niki

KatApel: @Niki – Happy Anniversary! How many?

KarenCollum: And @Kat presented a great workshop for kids called “Rhyming Timing”. She’s a natural in the classroom – the kids loved her!

Julie Hedlund: Congrats to Jo & Karen

KarenCollum: Thanks, @Michelle.

KarenCollum: Hi @Julie & @Kanga

Nikiofware: @Kat Wow, sounds like you guys had a lot to cheer about!

MichelleDEvans: you are so welcome @Karen

kangaroobee: Congratulations Karen that’s awesome

KarenCollum: Oh, before I forget, @RachaelHarrie sends her apologies as she’s in hospital😦

Nikiofware: @Michelle, thanks. I will.

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KarenCollum: @Kanga yes, awesome is a good word for it!!!

KatApel: You think so, @Karen? That is so lovely to hear. Thanks for sharing. (We talked so much about other things I forgot to ask your impression!)

kangaroobee: Oh no what

jothompsonillos: @KarenCollum It’s a huge achievement. I’m so happy for you.

KarenCollum: Hi @Auntie

Auntie Flamingo: Hey All, just hanging out for a little bit and then I have to go.

kangaroobee: @Karen oh no what happened with Rachael?

KarenCollum: @Kat – @Jo also wrote something lovely in my copy of THE GLASSHOUSE…that she knew I was going to win! LOL

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KatApel: Okay – so I am watching the lovely colourful names roll down the screen and the sidebar.

Ishta: Congrats, @Jo, on the book launch.

KarenCollum: @Kanga not sure – she didn’t say

Auntie Flamingo: Now I can Congrats @Karen “in person” Congratulations on your CYA win!

Ishta: Oh, I hope @Rachael gets better soon.

happybluejess: @Karen Congratulations!

KarenCollum: @Kat The kids loved loved LOVED you! The time went so fast.

KarenCollum: LOL @Auntie – it’s about as ‘in person’ as we’ll get for a while I think!!

Ishta: @Niki, go celebrate; the transcript will be here tomorrow.

KatApel: Hello @; Auntie, Bel, Sylvia, Julie, Bee, Cheryl, Jo, Niki, Michell, Ishta, Jess & Karen!

KarenCollum: The CYA comp is great because it can open up doors. @Jo won the illustration section last year & that’s how she got the contract for THE GLASSHOUSE

Nikiofware: Yeah, I probably will. I think we’re both about to fall asleep. Been a long day.

KarenCollum: That’s right, isn’t it @Jo? (would hate to get my facts mixed up!!)

happybluejess: Hi everyone!

Auntie Flamingo: Hey @Karen if you’re ever planning on being in Southern Ontario Canada let me know.

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jothompsonillos: @julie Hedlund, @Ishta thanks

KarenCollum: OK, enough celebrating for now (Hi @happybluejess!) Let’s get started…

kangaroobee: @Auntie where do you live, I am in Kingsville

Sylvia: hello everyone

Ishta: @Kat, congrats on a good workshop session.

KarenCollum: Our topic today is links, resources and otherwise wonderful online places for picture books writers

Auntie Flamingo: Hi @Kat

happybluejess: @Auntie I’m not Karen, but sometimes I visit family in Guelph or Toronto…

KatApel: @Karen I know the time went fast! If flew for me too!!!🙂

KarenCollum: I think we’ll go by category so we can keep a bit of order to the chat (who am I kidding! Us? Orderly? LOl)

Sylvia: @Karen fantastic….well done :))))

Auntie Flamingo: @kangaroobee Hamilton

KarenCollum: So, let’s start off with something close to most of our hearts – do you blog/have a website? If so, share the URL and what you write about🙂

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Julie Hedlund: How about if we start with agents?

KarenCollum: (Thanks, @Sylvia)

jothompsonillos: @Karen Yes I couldn’t believe it when I was offered a contract and now 12 mths later I’m launching it at CYA.

KarenCollum: Hi @Belinda

KatApel: Thanks @Isha and @Niki

kangaroobee: @Auntie next time I go to Niagra then!

Ishta: @Auntie, I’m in Brampton. Sort-of close.

Belindastweets: Hi Everyone!

KarenCollum: @Julie – how about we do agents next? Just didn’t want to run out of time to share all our links at the end🙂

KatApel: TOPIC: Sharing Links

Auntie Flamingo: @happy Guelph is about 45 minutes away and Toronto is an hour. I was just at Guelph U for a accessibilty conference in May

Nikiofware: I write about writing. I try to concentrate on things I find might need further explanation. My blog is called THE FRACTURED KEYBOARD and you can find it at​

Julie Hedlund: Sorry – I must have missed what we are dong first??

KatApel: FIRST LINK: Your cyberhome. Your web/blog, etc…

KarenCollum: @Jo You did such a good job at your launch too. I meant to come and look at your portfolio. Process is fascinating!

happybluejess: Lots of Canucks here. (Myself included!) Cool.

Ishta: OKAY! On-topic. I blog: http://www.ishtamercurio.blogsp​ My name – SO original, I know! LOL.

KarenCollum: Oh, and if you include http:// first it will come up as a hyperlink

Julie Hedlund: @Karen got it thanks!

Auntie Flamingo: Hi @Belinda

Nikiofware: I must admit I took the summer off so my blog is in drastic need of a few new articles.

Belindastweets: Hi Karen and Kat and Auntie and Everyone!

KarenCollum: If you’ve already posted your link without http:// just post it again so it comes up pretty blue🙂

Auntie Flamingo: @Kangaroobaee I’m an hour from Niagra too

Julie Hedlund: My blog is called Write Up My Life. I write about writing, but also about my life (as the title would imply)…

Belindastweets: opps forgetting the @

KarenCollum: @Julie – I think we wrote at the same time!!

Auntie Flamingo: @ishta yes Brampton is sort of close

KatApel: If you don’t have a blog, you could share links to an interview you may have done on someone else’s blog…

Belindastweets: I had a blog, but did such a poor job with it and it was totally uninteresting that I deleted it. I felt there was no point.

Ishta: The name of my blog is “Musings of a Restless Mind”, and I blog about everything writing-related from PBs up to YA.

Julie Hedlund: the url is

kangaroobee: @Auntie I feel a get together coming on🙂

Nikiofware: http://www.nikischoenfeldt.blogspot…

KarenCollum: @Julie – Yay! a blue one🙂

KarenCollum: Excellent – thanks, @Niki

KarenCollum: @Belinda it’s sometimes hard to work out if it’s worthwhile having a blog…but you might find you come back to it.

Julie Hedlund: I can’t wait to follow all of my fellow pblitchatters! Links help to make it easier!

kangaroobee: don’t all visit at once you’ll overload my stats lol

Ishta: OH – okay, trying again. http://www.ishtamercurio.blogspot.c…

KatApel: @Niki – I think we all have ‘down times’ on our blogs. Don’t feel bad.

KarenCollum: @Ishta – love the name of your blog – I can relate!

Auntie Flamingo: Let’s see I have this one

Auntie Flamingo: and this one

Auntie Flamingo: I’m focusing more ont he first one though

MichelleDEvans: I’m not blogging as much as I used to…. but I’m sure I will again

Ishta: Niki, your blog posts are always great, so don’t feel bad about having to take time off.

KarenCollum: Oh @Auntie – you’re outdoing yourself!

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happybluejess: I do PB and educational workbooks/curricula. Am trying YA. My site is No blog. Twitter and facebook are all I can do!

kangaroobee: @Belinda I felt like that the other day

Nikiofware: My little 1 goes back to school this week. It will feel good to get back to the business of writing instead of just dabbling in it when I find time.

KarenCollum: @happybluejess Good for you for knowing your own limitations. Sometimes good quality less = more

KatApel: Heehee… I have to ask… Who else is/was surprised at hearing @AuntieFlamingo is MadelineBarr. What a classy name! I so love it!!! (As @Auntie knows.)

wendy: Hi! I’m new here. Don’t have a blog yet, but my website is

Auntie Flamingo: Why @Karen…what did I do?

KarenCollum: Here’s the link for Rachael Harrie’s blog:

Nikiofware: @Ishta. Ha ha, thanks.

KarenCollum: Hi @wendy! Weclome

Belindastweets: @Karen, yes. At this point, it wasn’t working for me. I have too much else on.

KarenCollum: @Auntie – you’ve got TWO blos🙂

KarenCollum: blogs

wendy: Hi @Karen! Thanks!

kangaroobee: @Niki me too, secretly can’t wait!

KatApel: He Wendy. Great to have you. And will look forward to checking your site out – along with all the other great links!

KarenCollum: @Wendy – if you post your website again with http:// in front it will come up as a hyperlink & make it easy for people to get to

wendy: Got it.

Ishta: @Karen, thanks – I’m an actor too, and I trained in dance as well, so sometimes I post about those things too. Hence the “restless mind” part.

KarenCollum: My website/blog (they are all at the one place) is Sometimes it’s great to have a slightly unusual name – can grab domain names easier!!

KatApel: Of course, you all know that #pblitchat has a blog; http://picturebooksonly.wordpress.c…

Auntie Flamingo: Oh @Karen LOL Ya and I’m volunteering to take care of a third for the Habitat for Humaity I’m volunteering for

KarenCollum: Thanks @Kat for linking to the very first place I should have posted! LOL

KatApel: (And you can FOLLOW @pblitchat on TWITTER, too, btw. I keep forgetting to tell you that.)

KarenCollum: Those of you with blogs, how often do you blog? Do you blog just about writing or other things too?

Auntie Flamingo: Thank you @Kat about my real name. I hope people aren’t too surprised..not sure why they would be LOL

MichelleDEvans: I love twitter for writer friends and writing tools

Nikiofware: This chat room is much easier to follow than on twitter. I always forget the hashtags.

kangaroobee: @Niki I don’t have a hash tag so this way I don’t feel left out

KarenCollum: @Niki LOL glad we’re making life easier #noneedforhashtagshere

Auntie Flamingo: I blog whatever I feel like.

Ishta: HOW OFTEN I BLOG: 5-6 days a week. I found that upping my blogging consistency and having contests raised my follower numbers.

KatApel: For those of you who haven’t found my cyber home, it is; and you’re very welcome to drop by.🙂

KarenCollum: Wow, @Ishta – I read in an earlier chat how you don’t sleep much – now I know why!!!

Auntie Flamingo: Wow @Ishta good for you!

Julie Hedlund: @Auntie – me too. I’ll probably start doing more writing blog posts now that school is back in session…

Julie Hedlund: Over the summer, a lot of it was vacations and other goings-on.

Nikiofware: I try to blog at least monthly and I blog about anything I think other writers might be interested in. Tips on writing, updates on my book, great books, that kind of stuff.

Julie Hedlund: But I’ll be blogging about the RMC SCBWI conference that’s happening in two weeks!

Auntie Flamingo: I blog a bit then I take a break because life gets busy…they I blog again

jothompsonillos: I’ve been so busy with the book that I haven’t had time to build a site. Not sure where to start?

MichelleDEvans: I blog once a week now – used to blog 4-5 times a week .. about homeschool, writing, flashfiction, family, faith etc

Julie Hedlund: Oh, and I blog at least 2 times a week, but aim for 3-4.

KarenCollum: In a slightly less impressive note (OK, a LOT less impressive) than @Ishta, I try and blog once a week. It’s manageable and I can be fairly consistent.

Nikiofware: @ Ista, that’s the way to do it!

Ishta: @Karen, LOL – I don’t spend too much time on my blog posts – 1/2 an hour or so a day. But I follow and comment on TONS of blogs…

KatApel: @Auntie – Auntie is kinda matronly and flamingo is very sedate/stately – but Madeline is so funky cool. I love it! So – which one are you?😀

Julie Hedlund: I can’t give myself a schedule, because if I did, I know I’d rebel against it🙂

Ishta: Which has led more people to my blog.

kangaroobee: I’ve increased mine to three times a week but only by chance

wendy: Does anyone blog on their own website? As in embedding wordpress as opposed to blogging there directly?

KarenCollum: @Jo – Personally I love the wordpress platform. Easy to use

KarenCollum: @wendy My personal website is designed by a professional web designer using wordpress as the platform. I love it.

Ishta: @Wendy – how monkey-whatsits do you even do that?

MichelleDEvans: I cut back my blog writing – because I feel the need to be polite and read everyone elses as well – which I love but don’t have the time

kangaroobee: @Julie I’m with you on the no scheduling

Auntie Flamingo: LOL @Kat I’m both I guess…depends on the day and what I’m doing. 😉

KarenCollum: Wow, we have some prolific bloggers here! @Ishta – I follow a heap of blogs in Google Reader and try and comment as much as I can.

jothompsonillos: @KarenCollum thanks. your site is great.

Nikiofware: I don’t really get how Google Reader works.

Ishta: I an NOT web-savvy. AT ALL. My hubby and my sister fix all my computer problems. I haven’t been tech-savvy since the 80’s.

KatApel: After much consideration, I’m coming to the conclusion that once a week is a good ratio for me to blog. I blog about life and writing – but not too personally. As in, it’s my life, not my family’s.

KarenCollum: Speaking of which, if you want to keep track of certain blogs I highly recommend Google Reader. Free & easy to use – instantly shows new posts; no internet trawling required

Auntie Flamingo: Can I plug my Habitat Blog?

KarenCollum: Go for it, @Auntie🙂 Always up for supporting a good cause

Ishta: @Niki – thanks! LOL. It took me a while, but I finally got around to it.

Belindastweets: Definitely @Auntie

wendy: @Karen. Yes, it looks cool, but complicated as I’m not a web designer. @Ishta–if you google it, you’ll find info…

KarenCollum: I blog about all aspects of the writing journey, but I spend a lot of time dealing with the emotional journey I suppose.

KatApel: @Karen I STILL have not discovered why you love Google Reader. It drives me c-razy!!!

Julie Hedlund: Also, the sidebar on my blog includes lots of great resources for writers, if you care to check any of those out.

kangaroobee: I had too many feeds on atom and google reader just cut back and loving it at about thirty or so. Packed in with google alerts too.

KarenCollum: @Kat – really??! What bugs you about Google Reader?

Auntie Flamingo: Ok hang on I have to find it….it’s new

Julie Hedlund: @Karen – I love Google Reader too. I don’t know how I’d remember all those blogs otherwise

Ishta: @Niki, if you have a gmail account, when you log into it, you’ll see “reader” as one of the links along the top of the page on the left…

Belindastweets: Here is a link to a great ‘links’ page of the CBCA. Has links for Australian Writers Centers, publishing houses. all sorts of stuff.

MichelleDEvans: I prefer to use my blogger dashboard than google reader

KarenCollum: My website is set up for me as a children’s author but I also blog about writing in general, including my grown-up novels…

KatApel: @karen – I just don’t get it. One day I’ll have to get you to give me screen shots – because I don’t even know if I’m in the same place as you!!!

Sylvia: @Ishta me too….not a techy girl at all….no blog no website……how do you even start a blog???

Ishta: @Niki, click on “reader” and it will show the most recent posts from all the blogs you follow. I like it better than my dashboard because…

KarenCollum: Am thinking I may need to set up a separate blog if I start making inroads into the contemporary Christian market for adults…

Julie Hedlund: QUESTION: Who do you guys feel are the readers of your blogs? I’m just curious because…

Ishta: it shows actual post content, and I don’t have to click to another page to read the posts.

kangaroobee: @Kat I didn’t used to like Google reader but it is great for skimming through uninteresting ones to get to ones that interest you

Julie Hedlund: I’m trying to figure that out myself in order to focus the blog a little more, but I’m not sure how.

KarenCollum: @Kat I’ll take some screenshots for you

Nikiofware: so you don’t get any kind of reminder in your email right? You have to sign onto your google account and look for it?

Julie Hedlund: I have writer readers, and readers who know me and are interested in my life…

KarenCollum: @Julie I find it’s usually the same people commenting for me (and they’re all lovely!)

MichelleDEvans: I’m part of the #fridayflash crew so a lot of other flash readers come by on the weekend

Ishta: @Sylvia: I❤ Google. Blogger is awesome. And easy – they have templates you can use and backgrounds to choose from and everything.

Auntie Flamingo: Ok there is a reason I want to plug this blog: http://cawlocal555socialjustice.blo…

Julie Hedlund: So I’m loath to limit myself in topics, but I also feel sometimes that it costs me readers too.

kangaroobee: @Niki just go on google and type in reader or get it from the drop down menu on google home page

Julie Hedlund: Am I making any sense? I didn’t think so…

KarenCollum: @Julie At the moment I’m focussing on fellow writers as my target but I’m hoping once my book comes out I’m going to shift a little to readers??

Sylvia: @Ishta….thanks:))))

Auntie Flamingo: Once we get the ages of the children of the families we are helping build homes for we are going to have a book drive

KarenCollum: @Julie – yes! You are🙂 Perfect sense. You need to have a sense of your readership in order to keep them coming bag.

KatApel: @Julie – you always make good sense!

KarenCollum: @Auntie What a wonderful idea!

KarenCollum: OK, so I think everyone’s had a chance to promote their personal websites/blogs. Now onto agent/industry blogs that are must-read…

Julie Hedlund: @Auntie – awesome!

Belindastweets: Not forgetting Mary Kole’s (did I spell that right?) always a good, interesting read.

kangaroobee: @karen that’s interesting, I was pitching at readers but since writoncon where an agent said they are impressed if you have writers following you. Easy to separate them from spammers I suppose

KarenCollum: (Oh, and if anyone is looking for a great web designer I highly recommend Jin Wang who designed mine. He’s author Gabrielle Wang’s nephew…

KatApel: Does anyone have a favourite post (or two) on their blog? (You can include your link.)

Auntie Flamingo: SO if anyone wants to donate a book or even a signed book you can check back at this blog (or tweet me) and I’ll let you know the ages of the kids …

Julie Hedlund: It’s kind of hard to target readers when you write PBs – lol!

Auntie Flamingo: …and where to send the book.

Belindastweets: sorry, jumped the gun a bit. have to go soon.

KarenCollum: …and is developing a niche market for creating websites for authors. And he’s reasonably priced :p)

KarenCollum: @Julie Yes – I’m thinking classrooms/teachers might be the target with PBs??

Ishta: @Julie, my followers are mostly writers who follow the same blogs as me, and who came to my blog either after reading my comments…

kangaroobee: @Julie sorry i meant the parents🙂

KarenCollum: @Belinda – thanks – she’s awesome.

Julie Hedlund: But I am thinking of how to get more parents to come to my blog once I actually have a book!

KarenCollum: @Ishta Yes, there’s such a reciprocal process in the blogging world. Reading/commenting on someone else’s blog usually results in interest in your own.

Ishta: n other blogs or because I held a contest. Hosting book giveaways gets you more followers who are writers and avid readers.

Auntie Flamingo: If you donate a book I will post your dontation on my two personal blogs.

jothompsonillos: Since I don’t have a website this is where you’ll find me.

MichelleDEvans: @Julie but everyone buys presents for kids🙂 … your target audience could be widened

KarenCollum: @Ishta You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours😛

Ishta: @Auntie, COOL!

KatApel: So agree, Julie. My blog doesn’t target the child component of my picture book readers. But I do have a link for kids.

KarenCollum: @Auntie That sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing

KarenCollum: @Jo I was looking for a link for you for my blog post today! Thanks – will link to that one.

Auntie Flamingo: Ok I’m done with my HFH rant. Thanks for letting me babble on about it here everyone. 🙂


Belindastweets: Here is a link to the home page of The Australian Publishers Association. Full of interesting stuff as well

Ishta: @Karen – yup. If you’re not saying much, not much will happen – I don’t think people will follow if your posts aren’t interesting or well-done. But, yes.

Nikiofware: If any of you are looking for an agent, this is one of my favorites:

Julie Hedlund: @MichelleD – very true and good point!

KarenCollum: Ha! @Niki – I just pasted that🙂

Belindastweets: Sorry about all the Aussie links for all the chatters over the oceans. 🙂

kangaroobee: sorry that was Rachelle Gardner’s blog

Ishta: I agree with @Niki – Casey’s blog is amazing!

Auntie Flamingo: Agent links would be great to have. I’m thinking of getting one.

Julie Hedlund: @Karen – Yes, Casey’s site is amazing – her agent profiles are top notch!

KarenCollum: @kanga – I was going to suggest Rachelle’s too – she gives great industry advice.

Auntie Flamingo: @Belinda I love Aussie links LOL

KarenCollum: Nathan Bransford is also good value

kangaroobee: @karen you never feel like you’ve wasted time reading her posts

jothompsonillos: We met the lovely Dee at CYA too. This is where you’ll find her.

MichelleDEvans: @Karen yes nathan’s is great – think it was one of the first I began to follow

KatApel: In terms of agent blogs, I second @Bel. Mary Kole is fantastic. Every contribution she made to writeoncon was awesome.

Ishta: I use Casey’s blog as a starting point – @Karen, yup, I use that one, too. But he doesn’t deal at all with PBs. 😦

Julie Hedlund: Author Gail Carson Levine gives such heartfelt and thorough writing advice. She’s so “there” on the page it moves me to near tears sometimes.…

pat joined the chat 81 minutes ago

kangaroobee: @karen that was going to be my next one😉

Ishta: You guys know that Mary Kole is doing a webinar later this month?

Belindastweets:… Link to the Australian Literary Agents Association website. Not all agents are listed here.

KarenCollum: @Ishta Yes, had heard that – through Writer’s Digest?

pat: I love Mary Kole’s blog, too, as well as Nathan Bransford’s. I find them found full of useful info.

kangaroobee: @Ishta yes thinking of going on that

happybluejess: I love editor Cheryl Klein (see her post on making a picture book cookie) Brilliant.

Julie Hedlund: My friend Ingrid Sundberg (YA writer) writes such in-depth summaries of conferences and workshops she goes to…

Julie Hedlund: It makes me think she has a superpower memory:

Auntie Flamingo: OK I have to go but I can’t wait to read this transcript later!

KarenCollum: Because I’m nice and love all you #pblitchat people, I’ll list some of the agents that are currently accepting PBs (you can send chocolate later)

Ishta: @Karen, yes. I registered for it already – the automatic critique of up to 300 words of a PB manuscript is worth the $79 price tag…

kangaroobee: Bye @Auntie

KarenCollum: Bye @Auntie! Lovely to see you again

Belindastweets: Bye Auntie. Enjoy your wine. 🙂

Ishta: PLUS there’s the actual webinar!

happybluejess: And editor Martha Mihalick

KarenCollum: Ooh, thanks @happybluejess Haven’t seen that one before…

Ishta: Bye, @Auntie!

Belindastweets: Oooo @Karen, you are wonderful!

Auntie Flamingo: Oh @Karen mention chocolate…(thinks about staying)…no I have to go

KarenCollum: Ok, here’s the first link: Etta Wilson

Auntie Flamingo: @BELINDA Shhh!!!

Ishta: Thanks, @Hapy! I loved Martha’s posts.

jothompsonillos: Dee White can also be found at…

Ishta: On WriteOnCon. (Hit “enter” too soon…)

Belindastweets: @Auntie hee hee

KarenCollum: Kendra Marcus

Nikiofware: @Karen That would be great. It is so hard to find an agent for a PB writer!

pat: @Ishta I was thinking of doing that, too. The $79.00 is well worth a critique from Mary.

KarenCollum: Quinlan Lee

KatApel: I also love Jody Hedlund’s blog. She writes exquisite posts. Precisely sensitive. (Jody is not our Julie, who also write beautiful blog posts. :P)

Julie Hedlund: Just added martha mihalick to google reader!

KarenCollum: Ronnie Herman

KatApel: See you Auntie!

Auntie Flamingo: @Belinda you’re not suppose to let #pblitchaters know I’m leaving them for wine😉

pat: @Karen Ditto! That would be great.

KarenCollum: (Oooh, yes! Love Martha – want her as a guest on #pblitchat if anyone can help…)

Ishta: @Pat, I queried her and got a form rejection – I’m thinking of sending her that manuscript, since I’d like to know what she feels could be done to improve it.

Auntie Flamingo: bye

kangaroobee: @kat yes I’ve just discovered Jody too, great writing

Auntie Flamingo left the chat 77 minutes ago

Sylvia: @karen….what is your fave chocolate lol

Julie Hedlund: @KatApel Thanks, and you’re right about Jody Hedlund. I love her blog too. Plus she’s from Michigan (which is where I am originally from)

KarenCollum: Steve Malk (Most of these aren’t blogs but agent websites, by the way)

kangaroobee: @Auntie if it makes you feel better I’ve been out for dinner so I’ve already drunk😉

KarenCollum: Paul Rodeen

Belindastweets: @Auntie, don’t forget to spend some time with hubby #wineguzzle :p

Ishta: @Karen, I thought Steven Malk was open to queries, but not actively building his list?

KarenCollum: Nancy Gallt

KatApel: @Julie – and you’re not related! (Are you?) Two beautiful J Hedlunds.

KarenCollum: @Ishta – this is just from my August research on QueryTracker. It may or may not be current so check each website🙂

Julie Hedlund: @Kat – nope. Not unless her maiden name is Foster – LOL

KarenCollum: Barry Goldblatt

KarenCollum: Jennifer DeChiara

KatApel: @Julie – oh yes!!! Silly me. Of course you weren’t always Hedlunds. :O *sheepish kat*

pat: @Ishta, I have trying to decide between two – one’s rhyming and one’s not.

Belindastweets: Wow, @Karen, you are amazing! Thanks so much for all these wonderful links.

KarenCollum: Catt LeBaigue

KarenCollum: Anna Webman

Nikiofware: @Karen bushel of Godiva Chocolates coming your way.

kangaroobee: @karen I can’t wait to go through these tomorrow

Ishta: @pat, I think – but check her blog and interviews to confirm – that she likes rhyming ones. They’re supposed to be harder to do, so maybe it would be good either way.

KarenCollum: Ethan Ellenberg (Have heard -ve things though so do your research)

pat: @Istha, will do, thanks

KarenCollum: Sara Crowe

KarenCollum: Jennie Dunham

Nikiofware: @Ishta who have you heard likes rhyming ones?

KarenCollum: And that’s it🙂

Ishta: @Karen and others, I went to the Ethan Ellenberg site and most of his repped books look on the porny side of porny.

KarenCollum: Now, if ANYONE ends up with a contract I expect double chocolate (and my name dropped to said agent) OK?😛

KarenCollum: @Ishta Yes – check the ‘editors and preditors’ list carefully…

kangaroobee: @Karen it’s a deal, muchas gracias

pat: @Karen, wow, thanks, again!

Ishta: @Niki – it was either Mary Kole, or Natalie Fischer… It was during WriteOnCon that I read it, and my brain was melting a little, but Casey’s blog should clarify.

Nikiofware: @Karen, it’s a deal. Thanks so much for sharing.

Julie Hedlund: @Karen If I get a contract I’ll send you a lifetime supply of chocolate🙂

KatApel: Oops! Just got distracted with incoming email. Subject: Your Memory Stick. Had to read THAT – since my memorey stick was lost!!!! Now found.😀

KarenCollum: @Julie LOL You do realise that could cost you your entire advance??!

Julie Hedlund: I had a lot of these names in my spreadsheet already, so I’m going to check it to see if there are any others I know of that are currently taking clients…

Sylvia: @Karen-thankyou….and absolute double the chox😛

happybluejess: Has anyone said ? Michael Stearns had a fantastic post about repping PBs.

KarenCollum: Well, I figure there’s no point all of us spending hours doing the research. I did it b/c I’m almost ready to submit…

KarenCollum: …but I also firmly believe we’re not in competition with one another. I’m in competition with myself to write the best PBs I possibly can.

KatApel: @Karen you are so lovely sharing all those links. Yay you!!!

MichelleDEvans: ahhh I’ve missed so much … nappy call!

Ishta: @Karen, DEAL! I will send much chocolate, in every form imaginable, and tell said agent that I heard yo uwon this amazing contest…

KarenCollum: Hopefully that will be enough to snag an agent one day!!!


KarenCollum: @Ishta “Amazing contest” should do it nicely😛

KarenCollum: ooh, @happybluejess – Upstart are on my Google REader list. Thanks

Julie Hedlund: Holly McGhee and Emily Van Beek at Pippin Properties

KarenCollum: OK, have we exhausted agents? We’ve also mentioned other writers’ blogs…

Ishta: @Happy, Upstart Crow are closed to submissions until after labor Day. (Tomorrow.)

Belindastweets: http://www.affordablemanuscriptasse… Have just emailed the lovley Sally Odger’s for a ms critique. Looking forward to the reply.

KarenCollum: @Julie Yes – I submitted to them last year (prematurely, I might add😦 )

KarenCollum: And just a reminder to really read through the websites carefully on the DAY you’re going to submit. Updates happen all the time.

Julie Hedlund: @happybluejess I follow Upstart, but don’t recall Michael’s post. Any way you could send a link to that post??🙂

Ishta: @Karen, LOL! Don’t worry about the premature sub – you can re-send if you’ve revised it, I hear. And it was a while ago, no?

KarenCollum: @Belinda – thanks so much for sharing Sally’s link. She’s a hugely successful Aussie PB author who does very affordable crits

jothompsonillos: Fab PB conference for new writers & illustrators

KatApel: HOw about we also have a Top Tips sharing of links…

happybluejess: I think Michael really, really appreciates PBs.…

KarenCollum: Sally Odgers only charges about $30 for a full crit of a PB. I’ve sent quite a few through to her and highly recommend her services, esp if you’re just starting out.

KatApel: Links that have crystalised your understanding in some form…


KarenCollum: Also, don’t forget that our very own special guest Tiffany Strelitz Haber offers rhyming PB critiques

KarenCollum: @Ishta Yes, will have to go back through & see exactly what it was I subbed!!

Julie Hedlund: Tina Wexler at International Creative Management

pat: @karen, thanks for Sally’s link; I’ll check into that for a critique

kangaroobee: great for asking questions

Julie Hedlund: @Karen – Tiffany has one of my manuscripts as we speak!

KatApel: I know we’ve just done rhyming PBs, but I would still have to say one of THE BEST posts I have ever read on rhyme is from Dori Chaconas:…

KarenCollum: @Julie Yay!

Julie Hedlund: @Karen Do you have a link to Sally Odgers?

kangaroobee: @Kat oh yes I forgot about that, I love that too

happybluejess: @Julie (Sorry – that was the link to Michael’s PB post.)

KarenCollum: @Julie – @Belinda posted it above…before I hijacked her comment LOL http://www.affordablemanuscriptasse…

Ishta: Mark McVeigh (also accepting PBs) gave a shout-out to Emma Dryden’s editorial and critique services

Nikiofware: @Kat I 2nd the Dori Chaconas blog. She really put it out there in layman’s terms so I could understand. VERY HELPFUL!

KarenCollum: @Ishta Mark McVeigh sounded absolutely awesome at WriteOnCon. He and Steve Malk and Mary Kole are at the top of my agent wishlist *sigh*

Nikiofware: OK all, I’m fading fast. You’ve given me lots of great info to go over. Now I must join hubby for the last few minutes of our anniversary. I’ll be looking at transcripts tomorrow! G’nite!

Ishta: Don’t forget Harold Underdown at The Purple Crayon

KatApel: Oh dear… There are some links I am looking for – can’t find…

pat: @Karen, I agree; Mark McVeigh was one of my favorites

KarenCollum: Also, @Jo is part of the team – they offer great online courses etc for PB authors/illustrators. @Jo Can you tell us more??

Ishta: ‘Night, @Niki!

KarenCollum: @Niki enjoy the rest of your anniversary and may there be many more to come🙂

MichelleDEvans: enjoy @Niki

kangaroobee: ‘Night @Niki

Nikiofware: @karen, Amen to that!

pat: night Niki

Ishta: @Karen, I really liked Mark when he spoke at an event I went to in Ottawa last year. I’m not sure if he’s a good fit for what I write, but he’s a wonderful person.

KatApel: Night Niki

wendy: I’m so glad I found this group–great stuff! I’m turning in now (2yo will be up EARLY). =) See you next time!

KarenCollum: @Jo and Virginia Lowe offer a comprehensive service for PB authors/illustrators. The website also has a lot of great info.

KatApel: Wendy – so glad you found us too!🙂 We’ll be here each week.

MichelleDEvans: bye @wendy

KarenCollum: @Wendy Thanks for joining us! See you next time🙂

Ishta: bye, @Wendy.

kangaroobee: bye @Wendy

pat: @Wendy; I agree – great group, night Wendy

Julie Hedlund: Sorry – got sidetracked reading the Michael Sterns post. Thanks @jess

KatApel: And @Jo is just the LOVELIEST person. (So is her hubby, btw. They’re both sweeties.)

Julie Hedlund: It’s too long though, so I’ll bookmark it and get back to it!

Julie Hedlund: bye Niki – Happy Anniversary

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KarenCollum: Someone else shared this recently (can’t remember who – @happybluejess?? perhaps) but it’s top 20 of PB agents…

Ishta: @Karen – if Mary Kole is at the top of your wish list, you should definitely take her webinar.

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Julie Hedlund: @Ishta – when is Mary’s webinar again?

happybluejess: Bye, Wendy!

Ishta: Hi @Gracefuldoe.

gracefuldoe: Hi everyone, coming in very late today

jothompsonillos: We, Create a Kid’s book have a pb ecourse, YA ecourse, ms assessment, PB & YA workshops, mentorship etc. love to hear from you.

KarenCollum: @Ishta I kinda have a ‘relationship’ with Mary where I can send her stuff b/c I came 3rd in a query comp she ran last year

happybluejess: Hi, Graceful!

kangaroobee: Hi @gracefuldoe

KatApel: You know… I’m thinking we could almost continue with some more industry links… Because I know there’s heaps more out there. And I know I haven’t shared half of what I’d hoped too. (Busy-ness…)

pat: @Julie; I think it’s the Sept. 23rd; is that right, Ishta?

happybluejess: @Karen Oui, c’est moi!

KarenCollum: @Ishta Let’s just say I’ve let her know I was shortlisted in the recent comps😛 But, I know she’s gotta LOVE my work

Ishta: @Julie and @Pat, yes, from 1-2:30 EDT.

KarenCollum: @happybluejess Merci🙂 (Gr7 French is being stretched)

KarenCollum: @Ishta – What I meant was she’s gotta love my work wholeheartedly before she takes me on. She’s seen some of my stuff and although liked it, didn’t love it😦

kangaroobee:… just one article but very good

Ishta: @Karen – I know! And she prefers author-illustrators. Stinks for me. But I can still try to learn as much as I can from her.

Belindastweets: Hi @Gracefuldoe, bye @Gracefuldoe, bye everyone. Thanks for the wonderful links. 🙂

KarenCollum: @Kat Perhaps people could add them to comments??

happybluejess: @Karen Moi, aussi. (Can’t remember a darn thing! Think a field trip to Paris is necessary to refresh memory!)

Julie Hedlund: Here’s one for the Children’s Authors Bootcamp, which I’ve heard great things about:

jothompsonillos: @Kat thanks. Dale, an accountant, hasn’t always been so supportive of my PB work …

KarenCollum: @Ishta I’m noticing that trend a lot. It’s a great time to be an author/illustrator…

Ishta: @Karen – no kidding!

KatApel: @Karen – well – they could. I think it would be great to keep the ball rolling though, since others might have come at this today like me… unprepared. :-\

KarenCollum: Ooh, @Jo – what a comprehensive service you offer!!

kangaroobee: @happybluejess can we all go and call it a pb convention?

pat: @kangaroobee; what a great idea!

happybluejess: @Karen @Ishta Author/illustrators definitely on some agent wish lists.

happybluejess: @kangaroobee I like the way you think!

KarenCollum: @Kat OK – maybe we can have another session in a couple of weeks to give us time to round up some more. I’ve reached the bottom of my barrell😛

jothompsonillos: @Kat … but he was an amazing help at CYA and I’m so glad he was there for the launch.

kangaroobee: @Happy am now dreaming of my days as an au pair walking around Paris

KarenCollum: What sort of blogs/website do you wish you could find but can’t? Just curious🙂

KatApel: @Jo – it’s hard for non-writers to understand and fully support. Especiallly hard if it’s your spouse, I think. Because you WANT them to understand and support 150%!

happybluejess: I don’t have her link, but Lisa Wheeler does great PB “bootcamps.” And she may have resources on her site.

jothompsonillos: @Karen do you have angela Sundes link? my internet too slow to call it up!!!!

Julie Hedlund: @Kat – yes, it’s the age-old “when are you going to write books for grown-ups” too

kangaroobee: @Kat I’m so with you on that

KatApel: @Jo – You are so right. He WAS an amazing help. I was gobsmacked that a non-writer hubby could throw himself in so comfortably with all us kooks. (Because I think a few of us were flying high on adrenaline. I was…)

happybluejess: @kangaroobee Nice! My current YA is set partly in Paris. Think I need to “research” it, as I’ve never been!

Ishta: This teen writes YA, but she had a great post on finding an agent the other day – helped me clarify who I should and shouldn’t be querying…

Julie Hedlund: Well guys, time to put my sick DD to bed, and myself too (into day 5 of nasty respiratory infection)

Ishta: “Night, @Julie.

Julie Hedlund: Great chat as usual – thanks to everyone for the links!

kangaroobee: @happy perfect I au paired there I’ll show you round

gracefuldoe: @Julie I hope you both feel better soon

kangaroobee: @Julie take care

happybluejess: Night, Julie.

MichelleDEvans: night @julie

Julie Hedlund: Night again everyone!

Julie Hedlund left the chat 53 minutes ago

Ishta: Karen: I’d like to find a website/blog that gives a run-down of editors who handle PBs, and their preferences, and whether their house is open or closed.

happybluejess: @kangaroobee Deal!


pat: @happybluejess; Lisa’s website is

KarenCollum joined the chat 53 minutes ago

KatApel: @Karen – we can chat about what next for #pblitchat. You’ve reached the bottom of your barrel because you were prepared. I was not. Will I be next week? Ummmm… changing the subject…

KarenCollum: Oops! Clicked the wrong button LOL

KarenCollum: @Jo Angela’s website is

KarenCollum: @Julie Hope you feel better soon!

Ishta: @Jo, I understand what you mean. My husband is the breadwinner, and he has the attitude that his work should always come first…

KarenCollum: @Jo You’ll be pleased to know my article “When Writing Doesn’t Matter to Those Who Matter Most” has been accepted by SCBWI🙂

happybluejess: @pat Thanks! And thanks, all! Can’t wait to explore all of the links…

Ishta: …which i understand, but still. I need to put the time in if I’m ever going to get anywhere.


KarenCollum: @Ishta Wouldn’t that be nice!! I’d like a website like that too🙂 Guess things change so rapidly it would be hard to keep current…

Ishta: @Karen, that sounds like it will be great! And congratulations!

kangaroobee: @karen more congrats, I’d like to read that

MichelleDEvans: thanks for all the great links! I too was unprepared

KatApel: @Rachel I hope you’re up and out of hospital soon! You were so quick on responding to our pic on the blog! Get well.🙂

KarenCollum: @Ishta @Kanga Thanks! Not sure when it will be out but it’s the SCBWI Bulletin so will be international Yay!

Ishta: @Karen, SCBWI had a sort-of isting, but I haven’t been able to find it since they re-did their website about a year or so ago.

KatApel: Thankyou @Michelle. So glad I wasn’t the only unprepared one.🙂

pat: @Karen, yes congratulations! And thanks for all the helpful info!

KarenCollum: Well, thanks for your input lovely ones!

KarenCollum: Hopefully we can all start following each other’s blogs if we’re not doing so already…

KarenCollum: And continue to build this great PB community.

Ishta: I cannot WAIT for the transcript of this chat. I’ll be going to town.

KarenCollum: Look forward to seeing you all next week🙂

kangaroobee: @Karen thanks a lot, yes that would be great

Ishta: @Karen, yes, absolutely!

KarenCollum: @Ishta I’ll post the transcript shortly…but gotta get my kids down for their nap first🙂

KatApel: OH!!!! We should have asked for Twitter IDs too. So we can also follow on Twitter!!!! Next week?

pat: Won’t be able to join you next week, but will be back the following Sunday; thanks again!

gracefuldoe: I can’t wait for the transcript either, I’m just sad I missed most of the chat today (we needed food though, so shopping won)

pat left the chat 49 minutes ago

KarenCollum: @Kat yes! Good point. Will add that to the list…


kangaroobee: Bye everyone

KarenCollum: @gracefuldoe We missed you! But glad you have food to eat.

Ishta: Yup, next week sounds good. (Although I’m not doing Twitter yet – I plan to, but haven’t been able to fit it in.

KatApel: Thankyou everyone for joining us today. And for sharing your great links. The children’s publishing industry is one big generous family! xx

Ishta: @Graceful, what do you mean, you needed food? The joy of writing isn’t feeding you? LOL!

Sylvia: bye everyone and thankyou sooo much for all the info

KatApel: My Twitter comment was prompted because you can in fact follow @pblitchat online – for tweets and reminders.🙂

KarenCollum: @Kat Yes! I agree. There’s no friendlier, more supportive group of people around. They all pay it forward🙂

Ishta: Thanks, everyone! This was pretty awesome…


Ishta: Goodnight.

Ishta left the chat 46 minutes ago

jothompsonillos: Internet too slow today. Getting hi speed tomorrow Yay.

KarenCollum: @Jo Yay! So glad🙂 You’ll be right in the swing of things then…

jothompsonillos: Thanks everyone.

jothompsonillos: @Karen it was taking 2 min to refresh!!!! I missed half the chat!

jothompsonillos: Can’t wait till next week

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